Innovative bioplastic materials meet innovative design!

Bioplastics are a variety of plastics derived from renewable biomass sources, such as plant starches or microorganisms, rather than fossil-fuel plastics which are derived from oil. Bioplastics represent a relatively new and very promising field of modern biotechnology. Although they are increasingly used in some areas such as disposable goods and packaging, use of bioplastics in durable consumer goods are still very limited; because many currently available bioplastics lack the performance and ease of processing of traditional oil based plastics.

At bioserie, we develop our own, proprietary material blends that contain one of the highest performance bioplastic resins available today – Ingeo™ by Natureworks LLC – and other cutting edge plant based materials sourced globally from expert suppliers. The resulting all plant based innovative material blends allow bioserie to offer such stylish, lightweight and durable protective covers for mobile devices.

In fact, our new bioplastic iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3 covers made of specially modified Ingeo biopolymer is one of the first applications of high heat performance PLA resin to durable consumer goods. Able to withstand sustained temperatures of at least 80 degrees Centigrade, our material also has significantly better mechanical properties compared to our earlier biopolymer raw materials. This exclusive material is a proud addition to our achievements, and a forerunner of further exciting developments in our R&D pipeline.

As a consequence of our commitment to research and development efforts, bioserie bioplastic covers have not only created a truly eco-friendly category within the mobile device accessories business, we also became pioneers of successfully applying bioplastics to manufacture of durable consumer products.


Nominated for bioplastic innovation awards worldwide!

2013 was a milestone year for us as our success in developing high performance bioplastics manufacturing technology was recognised by global bioplastics industry.

We were nominated for 2 prestigious bioplastics innovation awards in Germany and USA. We were among the 6 finalists competing for the "Innovation Award Bio-based Plastics and Composites 2013" during Nova Institute's prestigious "International Conference on Industrial Biotechnology and Bio-based Plastics and Composites" held in Cologne, Germany in April 2013.

Later in May 2013, we were selected by SPI Bioplastics Council in USA to compete as a finalist in their "2013 Innovation in Bioplastics Award". In both competitions, the awards juries praised our R&D efforts and achievements in developing an injection moulding technology to manufacture durable and high-heat resistant consumer products using PLA biopolymer, and we received honourable mentions.

We are thrilled that we were able to compete with bioplastics industry giants several magnitudes bigger in size and our technological prowess is recognised and appreciated worldwide.


Stay tuned for more bioserie products soon!